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Our Programs

HEART Locker

The HEART Locker is a facility which acts as a “store” to receive donated clothing, hygiene products, bedding, and school supplies. It is only open to students, at NO cost to them. It is open to all students in K-12 and the only rule is to take what you need and use what you take.


open to accept donations:

Monday & Tuesday
8-10 AM

3-6 PM


514 E. Washington St.
Kalispell, MT 59901

Located Behind Taco Bell

HEART Locker Learning center

Opened in the Fall of 2018, the HEART Locker Learning Center is a location which allows students a quiet, safe, and productive space for school work, studying, finding part-time employment, connecting with resources, and experiencing a sense of community.

Heart markets

The HEART Markets are located on school grounds and act primarily as a supplemental means for students in need of something to eat after school. We have a wonderful partnership with the Flathead Food Bank that helps us keep the Markets stocked. However, we can always use “grab and go” type snack donations as well. The kitchen staff at Flathead High School graciously collect all uneaten fruit from their lunch services and deliver it daily to the Market located at Flathead High. The HEART markets also carry school supplies and personal hygiene products to support our students during and after school, as well as over the weekend.


Heart Fund

Although the day-to-day operating costs of the HEART Program are provided by the Kalispell school district, the HEART Fund is used to aid students and families in distress. In every situation, all other options are exhausted before considering the use of funds. Every dollar of the HEART Fund goes to helping students in need.  The majority of the financial support is used for students direct needs. Cash is not dispensed, but rather the program pays for something directly.

The monies in the Fund are used to address a variety of needs. For example, the Fund has helped pay for winter boots because little feet cannot play at recess without adequate thermal protection. Some teens, living on their own, but still attending high school, have received rental payment assistance from the Fund. These situations arise, and students who are Unaccompanied Youth may not have the means to help themselves. Gas cards are issued to get families living in campers, far from the range of a bus, or students who are “couch-surfing”, to school each day.  Regular and consistent attendance is required for this type of assistance.

Another unmet need the Fund provides for is Lice Treatment Kits. When students have lice, they cannot attend school until they have been treated. The outbreaks come primarily from families living in tight quarters, such as campers and hotel rooms.

The Fund is occasionally used to offset costs associated with special events, such as the Holiday Open House or events celebrating students’ success.